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Inventory Line takes a detailed and accurate record of the condition of the property and its contents before the commencement of the tenancy.When the tenancy expires, our inventory clerk will return to the property to compare the original condition with the end of tenancy condition. Our reports are set out in a way to help you clearly recognise the difference between the check in and check out comments.

All reports are sent with a very reasonable time frame and are fully supported with digital photographs and meter readings (where possible).
Digital Photos are taken with all the services above. Key exchange is recorded and meters are read where accessible.

Inventory Make

An inventory is a complete list of decoration, fixtures and fittings and furniture content. The report lists each and every item in the property starting from the front door and continuing through the property noting the colour of the ceiling, walls, describing the floor, switches and sockets, windows, bathroom suites, kitchen appliances and every item of furniture. Inventory Line would advise a comprehensive inventory report be prepared for the start of all tenancies, no matter the size of the property or whether it is furnished or unfurnished.

Check in

The check-in appointment is between the Tenant and Inventory Clerk on the day the tenancy commences. The Inventory Clerk will check the inventory report is correct, documenting the condition and cleanliness of all listed items.
The Clerk will record which keys the Tenant has been provided with. All utility meter readings are taken and recorded (where and when possible) at no extra charge.

The Clerk and Tenant agree the condition of the property at the time of the check-in and sign the report.

Simultaneous inventory and check-in
Inventory Line are able to provide a simultaneous inventory check-in service for all properties on the day the tenancy commences. We understand there are often many pressures on timings at the start of a tenancy and so we know it is important to be able to provide a 'one' visit service so as not to delay the process any further.

Check Out

At the end of the tenancy, the Inventory Clerk will attend the property for the check-out appointment made with the Tenant. The inventory / check in report will be checked once more, reporting any discrepancies and changes in the condition and cleanliness of the property and its contents to the Landlord or Managing Agents. The Clerk will collect the keys from the Tenant and return them to wherever required and take final utility meter readings.

The Clerk and Tenant will agree and sign the check-out report and copies are made available to all relevant parties.

Tenancy Inspections

Inventory Line can supply quarterly, yearly or 'one-off' mid-term tenancy inspections where the Inventory Clerk will record the cleanliness and condition of the property at the time of the inspection These reports include lots of digital photographs at no extra cost, which provide an insight into how the property is being looked after during a tenancy.

We find this particularly useful for any Landlords that are unable or would prefer not to visit a property on a regular basis.

About Us

Inventory Line having been trading since 2007. It was founded by two colleagues with 15 years combined lettings and property management service. We pride ourselves on a quick, comprehensive and reliable service at the most competitive rates.We cover all areas in London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Essex and the surrounding areas.

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